I have outlined five topics below. Can you think of other rich activities that should be included? Suggest them to me in the first two weeks of class. You may choose any two topics from our final list and work on them over the semester. Choose them early in the semester to make your life easier and so that we can collaborate on creating the rubrics for evaluation/grading. All assignments are due on our blog by the beginning of class on the date assigned unless you have made arrangements with me in advance. Late assignments will be penalized.

  • Your Water Footprint—use online software to calculate your approximate water footprint and reflect on the results at the beginning of the semester and at the end of the semester.
  • Water Challenge—can you reduce your footprint by 20%, 50%, 80% for one day? How much can you reduce your footprint over the semester? Document your efforts.
  • My Watershed and a Downpour Walkabout—Learn all you can about the watershed you live in and share that info in a compelling way. Also, at least one time this semester, put on your raingear, grab some buddies, and go out exploring in the rain. You will learn a lot more about how water moves in the landscape when you see it in a deluge.
  • Original Art/Performance/Writing on Water
  • This I Believe / Water Creed—Explore your values regarding water consumption, human rights re water, etc. in a personal essay. You will probably start writing your essay after our class on Indigenous Perspectives and World Views, but you can start exploring the This I Believe essays at earlier. I can provide you a list of ones that I think might be especially helpful.

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