How does water fit into my worldview?

Do you have core beliefs that can help guide you or your community in managing water resources?

This assignment allows you to explore that question, and is modeled on the “This I Believe” project, which engages “people in writing and sharing essays describing the core values that guide their daily lives.”

Take some time to explore the website. The essays can be searched by theme, or you can read the favorite ones.

Most of the essays won’t have direct correlations to water. Some have core environmental themes, though, and many revolve around a core experience that shaped the worldview of the writer. What experiences regarding water have impacted your beliefs? Or have their been any “watershed moments” during your learning about sustainable water management? Are these affecting your beliefs about how our societies should manage water?

Some of the suggested essayists you might want to read about on the website are

  • Matt Harding: “Connecting to a Global Tribe”
  • Joy Harjo: “A Sacred Connection to the Sun”
  • Michelle Gardner-Quinn: “A Reverence for All Life”
  • Azar Nafisi: “The Mysterious Connections that Link Us Together”
  • Eboo Patel: “We Are Each Other’s Business”
  • James Loney: “All Beings Are Interconnected”
  • Anthony Fauci: “A Goal of Service to Humankind”

This can be a challenging task–I suggest you do some brainstorming and a rough outline and then bring that in to me for feedback before you tackle the entire essay.

If you prefer to do this in an audio file or podcast, or narrated powerpoint, etc., that’s fantastic. Consider doing it in a format that you could submit to Or at least talk to me to make sure your electronic data will work on our blog.


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