How Much Can I Reduce My Water Footprint?

I’m going to see how much I can reduce my consumption of water in one day. According to baselines calculators online I consume somewhere between 59,000 and 222,000 gallons of water in just one year. What can I do to reduce the amount  of water I use in a day?

Lets see where the water is going…

59,438 gallons per year consumed per year  OR 225 cubic meters.

47 cubic meters = Cereals,   0 = Meat,   0 = Vegetables,   3 = Fruit,   29 = Dairy,   14 = Fat,   25 = Sugar

14= Egg,   20 = Others


155 cubic meters = food,   54 = domestic use,   16 = industrial use

What I’ve learned:

Most of my water consumption appears to be from cereals such as wheat and rice. I estimated that I ate 1.5 kilograms, or a little over 3 pounds of grains a week, which was the largest part of my diet. Next was vegetables and starches at .7 kilograms each, but the vegetables are shown not to contribute to my water footprint. I’m not sure why this is, but vegetables still do take water to produce even though it might not be a large amount.

Reducing Consumption:

Consuming sugar and dairy account for half of my water consumption pertaining to food, which is surprising. If I wanted to reduce my water footprint for a day I should eat less sugar and dairy products, such as cheese (yum), while eating more vegetables and fruits. This change is not only healthier for a person, but for the environment as well!

Other ways to reduce my footprint would be to spend less time washing dishes and taking shorter showers, but personally, I think food and product consumption accounts for the largest amount of water usage. One of my goals to reduce my footprint is to replace a cup of coffee in the morning to a cup of tea. One small cup of coffee takes about 140 gallons to produce, while a cup of tea takes 30. This would make a large difference.

What is my true footprint?

I’m thinking that my actual water footprint is much larger than this calculator predicts. The H20 conserve water footprint calculator calculated that I use 222,012 gallons per year, which seems more accurate. I’m just using the other website’s calculator because it breaks down usage into food and domestic use, which makes it easier to pin where the majority of my water consumption is coming from.

We’ll see how much I can reduce my water footprint for a day. I definitely want to accurately track how much food I consume in a day using a scale, and recording how often I wash my hands each day and for how long. I’d also like to look at how buying everyday items such as cotton t-shirts adds to our water footprint and include that into the equation. Then I can more accurately pin-point where the water is going.


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