Water Creed Outline

I wrote a few paragraphs brainstorming about my own water creed.

How should the earth’s resources be distributed? In most places in the world a certain few in a population can use resources, such as water and electricity, as much as they want, while others must walk miles every day to retrieve small amounts of water for their families. Fresh water available in the earth is spread out just as unevenly as wealth is in society. Living only a mile away from Lake Michigan my entire life I rarely thought about how small the amount of fresh water in the world is. One of my classes in third grade visited the water treatment plant on the edge of Lake Michigan. One of my friends asked if the lake could ever run out of water, and the tour guide replied “No”.

Unfortunately, this question would be answered much differently in most other parts of the world. Is it just luck of the draw for who gets access to adequate amounts of fresh water and who doesn’t? Should efforts be made to provide this access for every person, or is this hopeless with the exponential growth of population? The way in which society should manage and distribute fresh water has many dimensions and the solutions are not easy. One example of a possible solution for water conservation in the Western United States involves people outside of Las Vegas and in the desert not having grassy green lawns. But it is hard to change the way people live their lives.

I think water is very special in that it has allowed life to develop on this planet. I wonder how many other planets in the universe have water, salt or fresh, on its surface. Mars has ice on it, so maybe a lot of planets do. Or maybe our solar system is special. Either way, we are lucky to have come into existence in the turmoil of the universe and found a place with all the resources we need to live comfortably. So I don’t want to degrade resources like water because I’m  grateful they are there in the first place.


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